Nasofix™ is the latest innovation in nose reshaping created to be a nose job alternative that can help reshape the nose. With regular use of Nasofix™, you can reshape your nose to improve its general appearance.

It is used to help make large nose smaller, flat nose pointier, long nose shorter, wide nose slimmer, bulbous nose sharper and crooked or asymmetrical noses aligned. It can also be used for droopy nose to lift the tip up and to straighten humps or bumps along the nasal bridge. All these for just 10 minutes a day and you will see why we provide the great nose job alternative solution in the market. We are confident with our product but we also know that there are some clients who slowly or do not respond to nasal reshaping and that is why we offer a 60 Day money back guarantee for you to try our product RISK FREE.

Our nasal cartilage is a unique connective tissue. It is made up of only one cell type – The Chondrocyte, these cells produces a rich and elastic matrix consisting of a protein known as collagen. Our nasal cartilage is made up of collagen II, a specific type of collagen that is known for its high molding capability. Collagen II is about 70% water, making it highly reshapeable.

What Nasofix™ does is it applies a consistent pressure of 0.5 psi to the collagen matrix. This pressure is the optimum pressure necessary to reshape the cartilage. The high-grade patented Thermasilica™ in Nasofix™ is not an ordinary rubber nor silicone, it emits a safe and comfortable level of warmth that you can feel while using the device indicating that it is actually reshaping your cartilage. You can feel its working and you can see its working. This warmth is necessary to soften the collagen and enhance the reshaping process.

Evidence of cartilage and bone reshaping is seen all throughout history. Different tribes in Africa have been reshaping their nose, ears, skin and neck using variety of primitive tools invented thousand of years ago. If you are wearing glasses, you can see that there is a permanent dent at the upper nose bridge due to the pressure exerted by the glass itself. Nasofix™ combined these basic principles with science, technology and medical research to create the best nose job alternative tool available.

Nasofix™ is 100% safe. We have tested our product thoroughly before putting it on the market that is why we are confident that it indeed help reshape nose safely, efficiently and without any adverse side effects aisde from redness that disappears after use. The product is carefully designed to produce effective nasal reshaping. The pressure exerted by the device will not cause damage to the nose and is deemed very safe by the current medical standards. Our patented Thermasilica™ technology produces warmth that simulates a normal internal body temperature of 37 degree Celsius for effective cartilage reshaping.

We truly believe in the safety and integrity of our device that is why we are confident in giving a 60-day money back guarantee. Using Nasofix™ can help reshape the nose giving your the confidence you need.  The comfort level using our device is extremely high. You can also breathe comfortable without any interference when the device is on. Nasofix™ is also safe for use in children 7 years old and above.

We also encourage you to read user reviews all over the internet by typing “Nasofix Review” in any major search engines as for you to have an idea what can you expect using our product. With comfort, safety and efficacy on our mind you can rest assured that we only give the highest quality product that will exceed your expectations. Join thousands of users who experienced Nasofix™!

WARNING: Nasofix should not be used for over 30 minutes per session as this can lead to nose redness and burn injuries. Make sure each sessions of use lasts only 20 to 30 minutes.

*DISCLAIMER : Results varies from customer to customer, There are small percentage of users that experiences slow changes and some who doesn’t respond to Nasofix at all. 

1. Wash face with mild soap and water and make sure that the nose is free from dirt and oil.

2. Place Nasofix™ at the problem areas:

A. For flat nose, place the Thermasilica™ at the area that you want to elevate. This also applies to patients with midcartilagenous regression which is evident when the middle bridge of the nose is very low making the top bridge and tip prominent.

B. For big bulbous nose, place the Thermasilica™ at the tip making sure that the middle part of the nose down to the tip are compressed.

C. For dorsal hump, align Nasofix™ making sure it’s bridge shield is at the level of the dorsal hump. Put it normally and press the bridge shield against the hump. The Thermasilica™ will normally move up and front to allow the bridge shield to compress the dorsal hump. Alternatively, you can place the Thermasilica™ at the area below the hump to elevate the area thus hiding the dorsal hump.

D. For wide nose, place the Thermasilica™ at the widest portion of the nose.

E. For long noses, you need to wear Nasofix™ upside down pushing the nose back with the bridge shield while maintaining its normal shape using the Thermasilica™.

3. Maintain placement for 10 minutes. Avoid holding the device or changing its position.

4. Remove the device

5. Clean the device with alcohol and store in a dry place.

6. Repeat this process daily for 10 days. For best results, maintain a consistent routine for 1 month.

7. Contact us for any inquiries and concerns at


“I would recommend Nasofix in all but severe cases of nasal deformity over rhinoplasty. 

Nasofix™ is probably the best alternative to rhinoplasty today. It is 100% safe and is very cost effective.”

– Dr. John Biggs

  • One of the best decision that I recently made is purchasing Nasofix. It indeed does what it says it does. I agree it is the best rhinoplasty alternative in the market.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      –Michelle Holmes [Illinois, USA]

  • I was very skeptical at first. How could this tiny thing reshapes my nose. I have this flat nose and Nasofix easily made the bridge taller in just 10 days as promised. I am very happy I tried Nasofix.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       –Cris Adam [London,United Kingdom]

  • All I can say is buy this thing! This device will soon kill rhinoplasty, believe me.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     –Catherine Hoyle [Notre Dame, Australia]

  • I saw lots of fake Nasofix here in Singapore, the pink one. I tried it and it did not worked. It actually made my nose looks larger. I found out that Nasofix was the original product and bought it immediately to see the difference. Now I know why it is really recommended by Surgeons themselves. It slimmed my nose in just a week!–Janet Yee [Singapore]

  • Been using Nasofix for 12 days now and so far so great! I am using for a complete 1 month to make the effect permanent. Really love it because my dorsal hump is gone and my droopy nose has been lifted. Great results. Very true to its claims.                                                                        –Sven Beck [California, USA]

  • My nose was very flat before. Saw ads on Google, I clicked it and didn't knew that such product existed. Why do surgeons never told us Nasofix do exist? Use it for around 2 weeks and my bridge got elevated, nose became pointier and my side view profile improved a lot. Many people though I had a nose lift but I did not. –Isaac Jeremias [Alberta, Canada]

  • I accidentally discovered Nasofix from a blogger that posted her before and after picture and I am quite impressed. But honestly, I think the review was paid because it is too good to be true. Nevertheless, I tried Nasofix since there is nothing to lose. Now, I also made a blog with before and after and I am quite amazed that the result is similar to surgery! –Catherine Ensum [Middlesex, United Kingdom]

  • Quite amazed with the result. Still cannot believe it until now. Just wondering, How come Surgeons never told me about Nasofix? If I am going to choose between Surgery and Nasofix I would choose Nasofix in a snap! The changes are exactly what I expected and desired, no more no less. My nose also looks very natural. –Cindy Santos [Manila, Philippines]

  • I really thank Nasofix company for coming [up] with the product. My nose is very big and people joke about it always. My nose is now small and slim I thank God i found Nasofix. Please advertise more here [in] India so many people [will] buy this product it will help them.–Sanjit Ray [Orissa, India]

  • A friend of mine from the University told me about Nasofix. I do not believe her at first because everything sounds too good to be true. I bought myself Nasofix just to try it out thinking that if it does not work, I will just get my money back. Today I bought my second Nasofix as a gift to my best friend. I am now a believer of this product. It improved my confidence a lot!–Fairouz Abo Kamad [Riyadh, Saudi Arabia]

  • Hello Nasofix team! I am sending this testimonial because I want to thank you all the product changed my life. It improved my self esteem and the way I think of myself. Your product helped me not only external[ly] but also mental[ly]. Your product improved the way I talk to others and the way I present my self to others. Thank you very much!–Saira Bashir [Dubai, UAE]

  • My nose is very long and crooked to the left due to a deviated septum. I had surgery 2 years ago but it did not fixed the crook and my nose is still long. I really gave up totally until I saw an article from a Nasofix user. I checked the site and bought the product just to try it. After just 16 days, My nose is perfectly straight and the tip was shortened. My deep thanks guys!–David Isaacs [Auckland, New Zealand]

  • Here in HK, almost everything has a replica. I originally bought the pink look-alike of your device in Kowloon. I used it and what happened was my Nose became infected and inflammed. I did a research and found out that Nasofix is the original device which is silver in color. Bought one and all I can say is, I will never buy fake products again... Ever!–Quennie Tan [Kowloon, Hongkong]

  • Excellent product, Exemplary service, Amazing customer support and Great results! It's more than I what I paid for. Keep up the great work guys!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         –Janice Saw [Perth, Austrlaia]

  • I have a very big, wide and bulbous nose. I was thinking of surgery but as a student, I do not think I can afford it. Reading status posts on my facebook and I found a friend of mine that liked the Nasofix page. I clicked it and thought: Is this for real? I bought it to try it and after a week my nose became slimmer and smaller. Self esteem leveled up!–Stacey Luna [Singapore]

Disclaimer: Nasofix is a nose reshaper, It can reshape the nose to make it more defined, slimmer and more aesthetically presentable however, it cannot correct major nose problems and still cannot replace medical surgery. For major problems such as breathing difficulty, nasal polyps, sinus pain, nasal nodules etc. consult an EENT specialist.