What is Nasofix™?

Nasofix™ is a device created to reshape the nose to any shape imaginable. It can make large nose smaller, wide nose slimmer, long nose shorter, flat nose pointier and crooked nose straight. It also obliterates dorsal humps at the nasal bridge.


How do I use it?

Nasofix™ is very easy to use. It is simply placed on the nose for 10 minutes a day and visible results is seen in just 10 days. We provided detailed instruction on how to use the product in the home page.


Could the cartilage really be reshaped?

The cartilage is 70% water. It can easily mold and change shape with pressure and warmth. Pressure alone is not enough in molding the cartilage. That is why our Swiss patented Thermasilica™ in Nasofix™ generates a consistent 37 degree Celsius temperature to reshape the nose that way you want it. Our product is designed by Surgeons themselves as an alternative to Rhinoplasty.


Is the effect permanent?

The effect is Nasofix™ on the cartilage is permanent if you used it for greater than 1 month. After 10 days of use, you should continue using it up to a month to make sure your nose adapts in to its new shape.


I feel a warm sensation when Nasofix™ is on. Is this normal?

What you feel is Thermasilica™ at work. It only means that Nasofix™ is effectively reshaping your nose. Do not worry as the temperature you are feeling is just consistent and same with the normal body temperature. The nasal cartilage is not richly supplied with blood vessels that is why you will notice the nose is colder than the rest of your body. Thermasilica™ generates heat to ascertain that the nasal cartilage is the same as the core body temperature to hasten reshaping providing effective and visible results.


How much is the product and shipping?

The product is USD $ 39.50 and shipping is free anywhere in the world. You can purchase online with the use of credit card, paypal or sending money via MoneyGram.


Where else can I buy Nasofix™?

You can only buy Nasofix™ online from this website. Nasofix™ is not sold anywhere else. If you see other websites selling Nasofix™ or something that looks similar, they are selling fake product. The original product is silver and does not come in any other color.


Do you deliver to [My Country]? How long does delivery take?

Yes. We deliver to all countries in the world. Delivery usually takes 10 to 15 working days. We provide tracking number so you can monitor your shipment online. The product will be delivered door to door so there will be no hidden custom charges. The product will be discreetly sent, meaning, the content will not be divulged to protect your privacy. It will only bear your name and address.


Is it safe to use?

Nasofix™ is very safe to use. We have no documented case of injury or deformities caused by the device. It is 100% safe and effective.


Is there any age limit in using Nasofix™?

None. It could be used by anybody age 7 to 100 without any adverse effect.


Nasofix™ arrived without a box, is it normal?

There are some countries wherein, sending Nasofix™ with its box incurs shipping delay of 3 to 7 days as it pass the customs. If that is the case, we ship Nasofix™ in a plain discreet envelope. This envelope is protected by a blue plastic envelope outside for it to be recognize as a simple parcel. The device is again protected by a bubble wrap film.


My Nasofix™ Thermasilica™ seems used?

The Thermasilica™ is normally not very transparent, not smooth, with cracks and abrasions. This is normal and should not be a source of concern. This is the original state of the Thermasilica™ and a sign that it is highly effective. A perfectly smooth and clear Thermasilica™ means it has been wet or chemically altered and thus, it will not be effective.


When will the 60-day money back guarantee begin?

The 60-day money back guarantee begins when you started using the product. Not at the time you ordered. This is to make sure you have a 60 day risk free period of using our device. Your satisfaction is very important to us and we want to make sure all clients who bought our product is 100% satisfied. If not, We will refund your full purchase back at your credit card or paypal account. Money back guarantee is not applicable with any corresponding promos. It is only applicable upon PayPal purchase of 29.50 USD. It is also not applicable in MoneyGram payments.